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Conquer SmartPhone Internet Era with Magento Mobile Themes

Conquer SmartPhone Internet Era with Magento Mobile Themes

On looking at stressed faces of Magento users, it is easy to understand the reason of their stress. The impact of SmartPhone powered virtual era is frightening all Magento store owners with the fear of decline in virtual shopping domain. They are afraid with the possibilities of virtual extinction of their online retail brands because of shift of e-commerce business form desktop market to SmartPhone market. Now, you have the need to keep your site ready for all SmartPhone devices. In this way, if you are a Magento user then you just need to deploy a mobile friendly theme in your website. It will make your website ready for facing the challenges of new age e-commerce era. In case, you do not find these themes capable enough for your needs then you can consider the option of offshore Magento development for cost-effective development of a custom responsive theme.

Respond – Responsive Magento Theme

In case, you are looking for a great Magento theme, which can help you in targeting your SmartPhone customers then this theme is made for you. Technically, this theme checks the viewing environment of the user and pushes the right files forwards. Considerably, this works seamlessly on all SmartPhone devices as well as PC & desktop devices. Therefore, you will be able to target all markets be it laptop/ PC market or be it SmartPhone Market.


Mobile Shoppe- A Responsive Theme

It is an extremely useful and interesting mobile friendly theme for Magento users. You can easily install this theme in your website and activate the mobile friendly features of your website. After installation, your SmartPhone customers will be able to access your website in an easy manner. The fact that should be mentioned twice is its user-friendly navigation. It simply adjusts the resolution of the website as per the viewing environment. Moreover, it also gives a nice look to a website on application, especially in landscape and portrait views.


Ves TShirt

If you are looking for a free theme to cope with the issue of business shift towards SmartPhone market then this theme can be a great tool. It is available as free theme for developing mobile friendly Magento based e-commerce stores. You can choose your store’s layout from multiple layout options and three distinct color schemes. It also provides the freedom of customization the theme from Leo theme control panel. Apart from this, it sports cross browser compatibility so your customers will not have to change their web browsers.

Ves Furniture

In case, you are looking for a theme with jQuery support then this one will be suitable for you. It provides you six different color schemes. Apart from this, it also provides multiple layout options.


GPMD Responsive Magento Theme

It can be coined as one of the most resourceful theme for Magento site owners for adding mobile friendly element in their websites. You can make changes in the style of your theme as per the specific requirement of your e-commerce store and bring drastic changes in your theme. In short, it is like a base or we should tag it as the default theme.

After reading about these freely available yet highly useful Magento themes, you can make an informed selection. It will be a simple process for you.

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