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Create Custom Page Tabs for Facebook Page


Before few days, I have created facebook Custom Page Tab for one of the business pages in facebook.Let me share my experience with you.It is the somewhat complicated procedure or i can say little bit confusing procedure in new layout of facebook let’s see step by step so it might be easy to understand.

The custom page tabs means the tabs you can use to display your own custom content along with the standard tabs like “photos” and “videos” and this Custom Page Tab is useful for marketing of business like social media marketing because display the content one top of the page so your followers can see when they visit your page.

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Step 1: Login to Facebook

First of all, Login to your facebook account and browse this url

Step 2: Create New Apps

Next, click Create a New App from the top right hand corner in above URL.After clicking on create a new app below screen will appear.


Now, You need to provide a Display Name of your app. You also need to create namespace, its just a unique ID for your app.Third is web hosting and it is optional.

After you submit, you will redirect to your app basic information page.

Step 3: Basic Information of App

Here, Basic Information page looks like below screen.Now, Upload Image you want as an icon in custom page tab.and update basic information if require.


Step 4:Custom Page Tab Information

Next is to fill up your custom page tab information,Scroll down your page and you will get Page Tab so select “page Tab” and enter name your tab then add URL of your page URL into Page Tab URL .Here you also need to provide a secure URL and URLs will be same used for page tab with “https://”.Also Upload page tab Image and Save the changes of the app.see in below screen


Step 5: Display Custom Page Tab in front

This step is the little bit complicated and can confuse you.This step is to display created page tab on your page.
Now, You have to browse below URL on your browser and have to pass custom data.YOUR_APP_ID in URL is your app id and you will find it on top of the page before the basic info. YOUR_URL is the site URL.

When you browse above URL, you will get below screen and In below screen select your page from the dropdown and you submit it.


That’it.Your custom Facebook page tab should now display with your standard tabs like Photos, Videos.

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  1. Excellent post and super-b idea. Just simple but brilliant.
    Appreciate your work

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