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How to add Google Analytic code in Typo3

A new post after a long time. Actually busy with new responsive design work.So Today I come up with the one quick post about Typo3 CMS tutorial.TYPO3 is a free and open source content management framework based on PHP.

In this tutorial, I am going to explain the steps to add google analytical or other code before body tag in a Typo3 CMS.You may also like to read about How To change Base Path in Typo3.

Let’s have a look into the below steps to place code.

Step 1:

First of all, Log in to the typo3 back-end and go to the web => list on left-hand menu.

Step 2:

Next, click on a home under website name.

Step 3:

Go to Template, edit and place below code in setup block.Have a look into the below screen.

That’s it. you have your google analytics code placed before closing of body tag.

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