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How to Install WAMP Server on Windows 8

Solution:Set up Wamp Server in Windows 8

Recently I have bought a new laptop and installed wamp server on new windows 8.And when I am trying to start wamp server, getting an error .

403 access forbidden.

After installing wamp server, sudden getting an error is quite unusual.

The reason of getting forbidden error is IPV6.By default, Windows 8 is an IPV6-first Operating System and by default, WAMP runs on IPV4 yet it is not configured to run on IPV6.that’s why conflict occurs and wamp server stop working.

So, here I come with the solution of this problem.It’s pretty simple.

Let’s see the steps

1.Go to the folder bin\apache\< apache_version >\conf\httpd.conf

2.Find the line “Listen 80” into this file. just need to replace with the below line.


That’s it.Hope this post will helpful for you, waiting for your responses.

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Comments (6)

  1. Emery Panneton says:

    I tested wamp 2.1 and 2.2 on windows 8 home and there is not way to make the red icon turns to green? I try your solution but nothing change. Do you have an idea of what can be the problem? (Sorry for my bad english)


    1. This solution i have tried for my system and it was worked so please check again if anything missing in your installation.

  2. Impressive :)I never thought of it

  3. Very good explanation , but still i have a problem ! ! ! ! … The problem is … i had Xammp on my system and without uninstalling it , i installed WAMP … So i check wamp the i uninstalled Xammp and tried to use wamp , but not working and it was always on orange colour icon on system tray … i did all these things that you said and still , not working ! don’t know what is the problem … can you tell me what should i do !?! 

  4. thanks for sharing very useful information

  5. Really Tough Topic About To Wamp Server today i learn alot from here thanks for sharing this idea in this post.

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