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Include a file and store contents to variable using output buffer

Include a file and store contents to variable using output buffer

You guys must know about Output Buffering in PHP.Last time, my friend Bhumi has written an article about Output Buffering in PHP where she has showed you how to turn on and use Output Buffering in PHP.

So Here I am going to share this great feature of PHP.Let’s see the flashback .Output buffering allows you to have all output of PHP code stored into an internal buffer instead of immediately transmitted to the browser and output buffering also allows you to include a file and store contents (HTML and PHP) to a string is one step ahead with one more good example for output buffering

Here in above code I have included included-file.php file and displayed the whole content of the included file using output buffer.

That’s it. 🙂

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  1. Thanks, this was just what I needed!

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