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Just Received Google Adsense PIN For Address Verification

Just Received Google Adsense PIN For Address Verification

I have started my blog before 3+ years just for sharing a knowledge and help others by providing a technical solution. Before few months, I thought that now my blog have more than a 300 post so now, I can apply for google Adsense and start earning from this blog. So, I have applied for google AdSense.

After some correction, I got approved for Google Adsense and started earning from my blog.After earning $10, I got alert in my Google Adsense dashboard and mail from Google and It was about that Google Adsense verify residential address through PIN(Personal Identity Number) and then you and withdraw earnings and till than my earnings are on hold.

payment notification

After I read google help section, I get that as per Adsense policy, I will receive the letter that have the PIN and using that PIN, I can enable payment for my account.

Account holder receives a pin within a 3-6 weeks after reached to 10$ and using that enable a payment account.So, I was waiting for the Google AdSense verification PIN which support to reach at me from last 3 weeks and finally today I received a letter from google for verifying PIN.

I have received my pin but If you don’t receive any mail or PIN within 2 months,I recommend you to request for another PIN because Google Adsense temporarily disabled publishing ads after 6 months of sending 1st PIN if it is not verified.

Here is the image of my Adsense address verification letter i received. (some portions have been blurred for privacy)

letter image

Adsense allows you only three trial to verify your pin so be careful while verifying your PIN.

PIN trial

After receiving a Google Adsense PIN, it is a time to verify PIN and enable payment, Let’s see the simple steps to use Google Adsense PIN and verify the address.

How To Use Google Adsense PIN and Verify Address

Step 1: First of all, Log in to Google AdSense account at with the email address and password you used during the application process.

Step 2: From the Home tab,click Account settings in the left navigation bar.

Step 3: In the Account Information section,click on the verify address link.

Step 4: Enter your PIN as it appears below and click on Submit PIN.

Here is the image of my Adsense address verification letter with PIN. (some portions have been blurred for privacy)

adsense image

That’s it.Now my Google Adsense payment account is enabled :).

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