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An Introduction To NoSQL and MongoDB


This article is going to be split into two parts. I’m doing because of two reasons. First is simply because when content is too large, you’ll probably take one look on it and you will not bother reading it. the second is it helps allow me to explain it in more detail by spreading it out instead of shortening it all into a single post.

As a developer, Most of you know a pain with the SQL complex queries so now new kind of database getting very famous for web development including PHP and the database is NoSQL because it’s straightforward and easy to understand

What is NoSQL

NoSql is “Not Only SQL” means we have another option for SQL or database queries rather than traditional databases like MySQL

NoSQL is well-known database which mostly support below points:

  1. Non Relational Database
  2. Open Source
  3. No need of ACID properties
  4. No need to think about Normalization
  5. To avoid JOIN Operation
  6. Horizontally Scalable
  7. Schema less

NoSQL Introduction

Before moving forward with NoSQL, let’s have a basic Introduction about NoSQL.

NoSQL was initiated by Strozzi in 1998 and in 2009 by Eric, a one of the Employees of RackSpace was reinitiated NoSQL for modern web-scale
database and its began to used and growing quickly for web development.

Also, NoSQL is a derivative of RDBMS or we can say its an alternative model for database management rather than the traditional databases.

NoSQL has a very simple interface like its stores data as an associative array.When your website has much information and more data are used for reading rather than writing so it’s a good option for you to go with NoSQL.

However, NoSQL is very easy to understand by non-computer people also because its stored database as the single document.
Main and Important Point with NoSQL is it has no limitation about storage of database and it work anywhere with the minimum time of execution of queries.It fetches no of rows within a too less time.

NoSQL is well-known database which mostly support below points:

Advantages of NoSQL:

  1. Flexible because its schema less
  2. Highly scalable
  3. Simple to use and operate
  4. Consistent and Cheap
  5. To avoid JOIN Operation
  6. Suited to web application

Disadvantages of NoSQL:

  1. Store Procedures, triggers and user defined function not support.
  2. No common standards
  3. Poor transaction support
  4. Poor query support
  5. To avoid JOIN Operation
  6. New mindset required

NoSQL database are divided into three Categories:

  1. Column -Oriented
  2. Key- value pairs
  3. Document -oriented

Mainly focused on the document-oriented database because its best solution for the web application.
so one kind of document-oriented database is Mongo DB.

Next article we’ll take a look at MongoDB so it is actually useful and will explain about MongoDB database installation, database connection, data insertion, data deletion.

So, what about you? Do you get the idea about NoSQL? Do you have any doubt in NoSQL? Share you thoughts and comments below.

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