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How to Create a Zip File In PHP

Before Some days, I have created one function with the use of zip archive class in PHP.For one site, I want to create the zip file of all documents generated in one directory. so the user can download all documents via a single zip file and for that I have used Zip Archive Class of PHP So let’s start it!

Zip file is a compressed file which can mainly store as .zip extension and its well-known compression format to gather data and its very simple with PHP with Zip Archive class

How To create zip File using PHP

Let’s see one example which shows you how to create the zip file.Here, I have created one function which create the zip file.

How To extract zip File using PHP

Now, Let’s see how to extract zip file

How to Zip a directory in PHP?

Up to now, We have checked how to zip and unzip file but now let’s see how to zip the whole directory which contain multiple files.

Above function first check that extension for zip is loaded or not, if not, return back to function with false. If loaded, it will create ZipArchive() object and fetch the source. RecursiveIteratorIterator will recursive check the existence of files in the directory and if any file has extension zip, it will be unlink or deleted. Again used same functions to check empty directory and string.

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  1. Fully great stuff here.. Thanks!But if you can do some, maybe you should pidvroe us the web version.Its hard for me to translate all the elements into HTML.Oooh.. I’m a web designer and really hoping I can see the web version for this one, or for the entire stuff here maybe..Thanks.

  2. Great and details article. I am using this simple snippet for unzip
    $zip = new ZipArchive;
    $res = $zip->open($filename); // Your filename
    if ($res === TRUE) {

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