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How to call Multiple Change Page in Single HTML

How to call Multiple Change Page in Single HTML

Today I am going to explain how to call multiple change page in Single HTML file when you are using jquery mobile in mobile application.

When you developing an mobile application using hybrid (Phonegap) and jQuery Mobile, you can use explained code here.

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Let’s check code step by step:

Step 1

USE : < a href='menu.html#home' rel='external' > Text < /a> where home is the page id which you want to load the content.

Step 2

Include core jQuery and jQuery mobile into folder and add it to top of the page.

Step 3

Now write your HTML code and into your < a href=" "> tag add your div id with #. Like here div id products passed into < a href="#contact"> .and rel=”external” is necessary to pass.

That’s it. Check your code into mobile application. and You can see all as multiple pages.

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Comments (2)

  1. amazing trik, i’ll try at home, thanks

  2. amazing trik, i’ll try at home, thanks

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