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How to remove .svn from folder in Tortoisesvn

To remove .svn from folder using Tortoisesvn

Here I come with one more new and quick article of TortoiseSVN. We use TortoiseSVN as versioning tool

Recently I wanted to create copy folder without svn I copy the folder but it copies with .svn hidden folders which are not removed svn icon.

So, here is the solution of a problem.

TortoiseSVN provides Export option .Export option make a copy of the files in a new location without all .svn folders.TortoiseSVN will not add .svn folders of that working copy.

svn export


1. you can right click on your working copy and choose TortoiseSVN>>Export.

2. Choose folder/directory you want an export copy of files.

3. You can see the folder with exported files.

That’s it.You are done. Now Your unversion folder is ready to use.

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