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Change folder Permissions and Ownership Ubuntu

change the file ownership

Here is one quick article about to explain changing the permissions of the share folder/files in ubuntu.

I am using Ubuntu in my machine and sometimes for some purpose I wanted to share my folders to others so others can work on my files and you can share your folder to the other user using Samba clients and I have explained same in my earlier article.

Now, what happens, If someone make any kind of changes in my shared files that files get locked and even I can’t make any changes until I don’t change its permission.

So Today I am going to share one simple command which you need to execute in terminal to unlock your shared files

SYNTAX to change the file ownership

sudo chown -hR username:username path_to_the_files

if you have a root access, syntax like

sudo chown -hR root:root path_to_the_files

-h – Changes the owner of the each symbolic link instead of any referenced file
-R – Recursively change ownership of directories and their contents.

That’s it.Now you have changed ownership of files/folders and your files are ready to use again.

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