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How to hide menu from logged in User in Joomla

To hide menu from logged in User in Joomla

Here I come with the quick article which provide tip or trick to hide menu from logged in users from Joomla.

Joomla provides Guest feature which is used to hide modules, menu items, content and other things from logged in users. This feature is provided by Joomla, but it confuses sometimes especially new developers.

So, Let’s understand by code:

First of all, From the top menu select “users” >> go to Groups and add new user group named “Guest” and add as a child of the Public group.

Then, Go to “Viewing Access Levels” from User Manager and create a new access level named “Guest”.Assign the Guest group access to this level.

Next, Go to the “User Manager” from top menu in Joomla admin and select “Options” >> Component and set the “Guest User Group” from the default value of “Public” to “Guest”, or the name you choose.

Create a menu link and set “Access” to “Guest” and you can see only non-logged in users will have access

That’s it.You can use code.If you have any query or question,tell us in the comment section :). Don’t Forget to Follow us on Twitter or Subscribe us to Get the Latest Updates.

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