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How to Animate SVG Image with example

svg animate

Animating SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) can be done by the native elements such as , and and who are more familiar with CSS animation,can use CSS Animation properties to animate SVGs too.

In this post, You will see how to use SVG image and animate it.Here I will use circle or gear to rotate at the same position.

Let’s see the code SVG code which create circle:

As per above code, SVG is the element and set in the HTML body tag and circle tag in HTML will draw the dashed circle.

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Example to animate the Circle:

Now let’s have some fun.I will add the animation in the SVG image using the element.
At this stage, the code will look like below:

Here is that our codes are all set and the animation should be working on our SVG.

Let’s take a look at our animated Circle:

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The animation is not the easiest feature in CSS to understand. I hope you will find this tutorial as a good starting point to explore Animation on SVG further.If you want to start with the very basics, you can start here with this post.

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