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How to Delete Taxonomies from database in WordPress

To Delete Taxonomies from database in wordpess

Basically, Latest version of WordPress has 2 categories by default

1. Tags
2. categories.

Categories and tags are ways to organize and find posts within a blog and across blogs. Categories are like topics whereas tags are more like keywords.

Few days back my friend asked me, How can I delete terms from WordPress.yes, You can delete manually from WordPress admin panel but when you have a lot of terms in hundreds or thousands of value then it takes a lot of time.

As a developer, manually delete which is not the good way so you need to apply query which can delete the terms from the database.

So I have written one script to delete terms/taxonomies from database, just a few minutes and your all taxonomies removed from database like Magic 🙂

You need to create one custom file and put it into WordPress root folder. place below codes into it.

Here is the code for that.Let’s dive into it.

NOTE:Make Sure You Have the backup of the entire database so that you can get back to a known state if things go wrong.

//include file

//Query Code
$results= $wpdb->get_results("select * from {$wpdb->prefix}term_taxonomy where taxonomy LIKE  'post_tag'", ARRAY_A );

foreach ($results as $row){ 	

         	$wpdb->query("delete from {$wpdb->prefix}terms where term_id =  '".$row['term_id']."'") ;

	        $wpdb->query("delete from {$wpdb->prefix}term_relationships where term_taxonomy_id = '".$row['term_taxonomy_id']."'");	

$wpdb->query("delete from {$wpdb->prefix}term_taxonomy where taxonomy LIKE 'post_tag'");

//if translation plugin installed into wordpress,apply below query
$wpdb->query("delete from {$wpdb->prefix}icl_translations where element_type LIKE 'tax_post_tag'");	

Copy above code and place it.That’s it you’re done,I have tested it with latest version of wordpress 3.5.1 too.

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