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How to disable editor on comments in Drupal

Disable editor from comment in Drupal

Here is one quick article about how to disable editor display in the comment with drupal.When you install any module for the editor like editor or WYSIWYG editor, which replace text area fields with the CKEditor.

And It replaces all text area fields with CKEditor like comment section too.So if you don’t want the editor for a comment section, you need to follow below steps.

Steps to disable editor on comments in Drupal

1.Login to the drupal Admin panel.

2. Go to the Structure >> Content Types. You will see the following screen and in this Go to edit of an article.


3. Select Comment Fields from the top menu and you will get below screen. In this screen, select edit of Label comment.


4. Here, Select “Plain Text” in Text Processing.


That’s your front end and check the comment section. 🙂

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