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How to use JSON Response of Web service in PhoneGap?

To use JSON Resonse of Webservice in Phonegap Android

Few months ago, while developing an Android Application, I was faced with a situation taken more than 2 hours of my time and finally I have solved that issue. The issue was simple, I was unable to use JSON response of web service in PhoneGap android.

Moreover When I was trying to get data into chrome advanced Rest client, I was getting nothing, only blank is response and if I print it into browser, it was simply working

After spending time on the google search, many possibilities and get the final solution which I am going to share with you.I hope it will save someone valuable time and useful

Here is the code,let’s check it out.

To call web service using PhoneGap and jQuery mobile for calling web service, you have to call JSONP to get data from other server and JSONP returns callback.

Here I have used condition for callback value. If you get callback value, return that or you can display directly with header content type if you are not getting callback value.

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