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How to Fetch Twitter data using cURL

PHP is such a straightforward language and with cURL we can fetch any data from certain URL by passing information.

In this article, I am going to explain how to fetch twitter data with the use of cURL and to get a stream of JSON from Twitter

Twitter very helpfully allows you to fetch just have to send a JSON string to the JSON URL and you will get a JSON string back then you can use json_decode to transform the JSON string to PHP array.

Let’s see the following code:

Above example, fetch all data from the twitter. but you can use data you want to.This function is a very basic example of CURL request.

NOTE: you can also fetch data in XML format by using the URL

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  1. a script to read that ‘anti-spam’ captcha can be written in less lines than ur script.

    2 colors, no distortion. cant make it easier.

    1. Yes, you can reduce script by removing those lines also. 😉

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