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Create Android App with SQLite database using Phonegap

To setup SQLite for Android-Phonegap application

Here I am going to move one step ahead for Android Phonegap application article Series.Last what we have seen is To restrict screen orientation in Android.In this article, I am going to explain how to setup SQLite Cordova for Android application.

SQLite is an Open Source Database which is embedded into Android. SQLite supports standard relational database features like SQL syntax, transactions and prepared statements. Moreover, SQLite requires very less memory at runtime.

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So, You can download SQLite Cordova plugin from here.Now, Let’s see how to install plugin for android application.

First of all, add required js into your js folder of assets and js are SQLite.js,qunit-1.5.0.js and files.

Next,Add your plugin file of SQLite into src folder.

Go to XML folder and open config.XML and place below line of code:

That’s it.You are done with SQLite plugin installation in Android application.

Now, It’s time to connect with SQLite database, so here is the syntax to connect with database.

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You can check your SQLite database into DDMS >> file explore >> data >> data >> project package >> databases >> FILENAME.

You can use SQLite Cordova plugin and code for both android and iOS application.

In next article, we will see Basic Query and connection of SQLite database. I’m hoping that you’ve found this article helpful.

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Comments (8)

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  2. Hey. When you are saying to copy your plugin file into src folder, then do we need to paste the whole unzipped folder or just the android folder inside the src folder in plugin file?

    1. Just plugin file into your src folder

  3. Dont understand this step: Next,Add your plugin file of SQLite into src folder.
    Go to xml folder and open config.xml and place below line of code:

    1. Means, Add your plugin file into SQLite >> src folder. Then after go to folder “XML” and open file “config.xml”

  4. Kalanidhi M says:

    Can you please tell me the plug in name , because of there are three file named as plugin.

    1. Hello Kalanidhi,

      I have provided plugin link on article. Have you check that?

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