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How To hide WordPress Toolbar

how to hide WordPress Toolbar

This is a pretty straightforward to hide WordPress toolbar. In this quick article, I will explain to you that how to hide WordPress toolbar.First of all the admin bar in WordPress is the gray bar at the top of your WordPress site is only visible to logged users. It will not display to any visitor of the site. The admin bar is to aid site editors and admins for quick access.

In every WordPress site, you can certainly see the top Toolbar (Admin Bar) at the front side which you might want to hide from the users and even it affect our commissioning and maintenance speed.WordPress provides a feature that toolbar is displayed at the top of the page when any user is logged into the system.Also, since WordPress 3.3 it is no longer called the Admin bar, it’s now called the Toolbar in WordPress.

We have also explained about How to display ADMIN Toolbar in UI so in case you want to display the toolbar you can read this article.

This Toolbar in WordPress needs to load a lot of built-in JS or external calls so the best solution is to simply remove the off better.There are the two non-plug-in methods to hide WordPress Toolbar (Admin Bar) which will see both the methods in this article with the examples can hope to help everyone.

How to hide WordPress Toolbar globally?

If you have multiple users and editors and you want to hide the toolbar globally? Here is the solution of this. You can make your site more powerful using the simple function WordPress has which is very simple code that you have to paste in your current function.php of your theme.

This way is very convenient when you have a lot of users as it works for all users and visitors and disables the top toolbar.Again, Here you can see the function name is old and functionality name officially changed to Toolbar.

How to hide the toolbar by user Roles?

So, To remove the options bar from frontend page, WordPress has feature or function and now I will show you how you can hide the toolbar of WordPress by user role in WordPress. You can set the rights for the users in the WordPress. WordPress provides user Roles and Capabilities settings for all the users.When you want to remove the toolbar only for users with certain rights, you can better use this code rather than installing the plugin.

You need to paste the following code in function.php file of your active theme and that’s it, you are done.

// Remove Admin bar
function remove_admin_bar() {
      if ( ! current_user_can('administrator') & ! is_admin() )
		return false;
add_filter('show_admin_bar', 'remove_admin_bar'); 

After adding the above code into the file, refresh the page and you can see the top of the management tool has been removed which hide WordPress Toolbar.The code shown above is recommended a super-simple to use without using any plugin. Just paste the code, save the file and you are done.

So, I am done with my article, let me know if you have any suggestions or comments or any view on this trick. Hope you find this article useful. If you find this article helpful, Share with your friends through Google plus, facebook or twitter.

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