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How to remove thumbnail dimensions in WordPress

How to remove thumbnail dimensions in WordPress

Today I am going to explain about to remove thumbnail dimensions in WordPress.Main Reason to remove width and height dimensions of the thumbnail is to maintain fluid images in the thumbnail.

Almost every WordPress blog post needs an image! An image will give the readers an prompt idea of what the post is about and the image will grab the visitors attention in as well. WordPress provides a very easy way to add an image to your post, handle default image sizes from admin, also can do the modification to that image and upload a featured image of the post.

When you upload any image in the WordPress, WordPress creates a copy of the image which is internally adjusted, or zoom out or crop and it will display the specific dimension once you display to the front and if you want to remove thumbnail dimensions in WordPress, it is possible in the easiest manner.

From the WordPress 2.9, WordPress Started to create a thumbnail and provides a detailed interface to change the thumbnail dimensions from the admin panel settings.

The_post_thumbnail function calls require to display thumbnails on frontend, such as on the home page you want to display thumbnail for every article, you can add code like this in the index.php file

Here is the example of the_post_thumbnail function

This function will display a thumbnail, where the parameter “thumbnail” indicates the size of the thumbnail display. WordPress four preset size, you can use any of the four parameters like Thumbnail, Medium ,Large or Full (original size) to replace the ‘thumbnail’.

How to remove thumbnail dimensions in WordPress?

Let’s check the function which will remove the thumbnail dimensions in WordPress. It is very easy to use the function.You may be wondering about those image sizes.It will take default size of the thumbnail.

First, make sure your WordPress version 2.9 above then You can add this function into your active theme’s functions.php file and refresh the page you have used an image and see the magic :).It is very easy to use.I wish you fun with experimenting and using this solution.

Try it out and let me know if it doesn’t work for you. Tell me about your experience in the comments below! Share this article with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus!

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