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How To Reset resourceID in MODx

In this article, we will see how to reset resource ID in MODx Revolution.A resource represents a page in MODx and Each Resource has a unique resource ID.By Default, Modx uses resource ID for a link of MODx pages.

Sometimes you want to reset all resources and Its not possible from admin panel of MODx so I have reset the resources from the database.

Let’s see step by step to reset resourceID in MODx Revolution

NOTE: Make sure to take the backup of your database before executing any of the below steps because that will be useful if you fail at any step.

Step 1:

Open Database and go to the table {table_preix}_site_content table and take backup of table

Step 2:

Next,Truncate table {table_preix}_site_content by applying following query

Step 3:

Now, Insert one record into the table.It’s an insert query of home resource which will be required in table otherwise your site stops working.

NOTE: Resource IDs are strictly joined with many snippets and packages So if you reset the ID the website can stop working. so pl take a backup before executing any of the above steps

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