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Solution: jQuery Mobile Page Transition Flicker problem

Solution: jQuery Mobile Page Transition Flicker problem

Today I am working on one android application and faced one very strange problem.My mobile application is using a jQuery mobile framework and transition effect I have used slide effect and the problem is When I use page transitions (like slide), it create a flicking issue means blank screen appear before slide to next page.


After a long time of search and research about jQuery Mobile js, finally I found the solution, here is the solution to get rid of such kind of the problem.The problem is in jQuery mobile Enabling/Disabling zoom code just before page transition is creating an issue.


So, Solution of this above problem is to open your jquery mobile js and find out below line of code:

and replace it with the following line

Then it worked perfectly without a problem.I hope it works for you. Please add a comment below.

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Comments (2)

  1. Hello.

    I use jquery mobile 1.3. I’m not find line of code: meta.attr( “content”, disabledZoom ). Help me? thanks.

    1. Have you just search with meta.attr? it will be in approx line 7216

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