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How to set Expire Headers using .htaccess?

To set Expire Headers using .htaccess

Every Browsers store/save static data like images, Javascripts and CSS files and cache data which is used to speed up the rendering page. So, Browser cache static data, we have to set expire date of cached data to reload again.

So, Today I am going to explain how to set expire date til that browser will keep data using .htaccess.To set the expire header via htaccess you have to enable mod_expire module of the apache.

Always Use a future date to set expiry Date using htaccess.Here, I have used the example from HTML5 Boilerplateache to expire the header of the static content.

Make sure that you do not use files that changes frequently as whatever file used and set as expires header those files are cached in the browser until it expires.

Copy the provided code and paste into your htaccess file.That’s it

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