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IOS – Moving header and footer when open a keyboard and enter a text in search box

moving header footer issue

I was working in IOS mobile app which is using jQuery mobile and Phonegap and get issue that header and footer moving when entering text in a text box or text area.

Here, I am going to explain about to stop moved header and footer when open a keyboard and enter a text in search box IOS.

Let’s see solution for moving header and footer in IOS version.

id_textboc_addcourse is a id of textbox and .footer is a class name of footer and .topbar is Header class name.

I am going to explain here a two ways to solve this issue,but they have a little shortcoming.

Way 1: Here in this way,shortcoming is Editing text is a bit slow for ‘position’, ‘absolute’. But let’s understand code written below:

Lets understand the next code which is explained below:

Way 2: shortcoming is page margins top and bottom.

That’s it. You can check in your device.

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