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How to add custom post type in RSS Feed?

Wordpress : To add custom post type into RSS

Recently I have been working on a WordPress which involved adding a custom post type.Most of you guys know how to create custom post type and for same plugins also available but Do you know how to add custom post type into WordPress RSS feed.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication which meant feed and Feed are the easiest way for visitors to subscribe.

In WordPress, It is very easy to add your custom post into Main RSS Feed and for that you need to write some lines of code into your theme’s functions.php file.

Let’s demonstrate code:

request filter is useful to apply with the query variables that are passed to the default main SQL I have used it here which will custom query.Pre_get_posts is a filter used for altering SQL query.

I think easy enough, right? I’m hoping that you’ve found this article helpful.

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