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How to set Free shipping for Country in Virtuemart Joomla

Free shipping for specific Country in Virtuemart Joomla

Recently I was working in Joomla application and application have shipping functionality and I want to limit free shipping for a specific country in Virtuemart component within Joomla 1.5.

Joomla is a one of the most widely used Open Source Content Management System.It allows you to specify specific country which will be allowed free shipping in Virtuemart while the others will have normal shipping options. It works with the free shipping limit specify in the Virtuemart store configurations.

First of all, Open the class file ps_checkout.php from path administrator/components/com_virtuemart/classes and find vm_ps_checkout function in ps_checkout file.

Add following query into the vm_ps_checkout function:

Place below if condition before the condition “if( $vendor_freeshipping > 0 && $vars[‘order_subtotal_withtax’] >= $vendor_freeshipping)” condition:

That’s it.Here, User the country code here the US is the code of the country you wish to allow free shipping too.

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