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Newly Approved Joomla Module

Newly Approved Joomla Module

This Month I have not written many posts because of a lot of work so haven’t got time to write an article, but Good news for readers is releasing new module in Joomla.

Newly approved module in Joomla that is “Get Directions“.Before that I have created same plugin for WordPress and I have created same type of module in Joomla. I have written module before 2-3 month and get approved from Joomla Team just before a week.

Let’s demonstrate code:

So, I think you guys know about plugin but let me explain how to use in Joomla.Get Direction Module basically used to display direction path in map or way for how you can go from source place to destination place.

To Use Module in Joomla, Install module and add width, height, and other required information and select the position you want to display.It is now working with Joomla Version 2.5.

This Extension is just like plug and hope it will be useful and easily understandable to use.

Let me know if you have any questions or problems using the comments.

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