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How to fix Commit blocked by pre-commit hook

TortoiseSVN Error: Commit blocked by pre-commit hook

Recently, I have released new version of my one of the WordPress plugin and I wanted to upload my files using SVN and I am using tortoiseSVN to upload files to the WordPress repository and I just got unexpected error when trying to commit any file.

commit file SVN

Before that whenever I used tortoiseSVN, i didn’t get any such issues with it so it’s quite an unacceptable error and I was thinking that it is problem with installed tortoiseSVN and I just checked with WordPress support team and found the solution for the same.

The real problem is with the error message states the error: “Please provide the commit message that describes the changes you are making.”

Some time ago they changed Subversion to require making a commit message when committing code. Including messages with each commit has always been a requirement specified in the guidelines for the Plugins Directory, they’ve just now enforced it.

So just need to add a message describing the commit. Make it meaningful and not just something to have something.

Now try to commit file again with commit message and it works. I have learned new thing which I thought good to share with all of you so after following this post, you will not be confused with the TortoiseSVN error.


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  1. Thank you For providing this info ..nice info

  2. Thanks bro. You saved my time a lot. Great info.

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