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How to use multiple headers in WordPress

Multi Header in Wordpress

Whenever you wanted to have a separate or different header in your WordPress theme, you are mostly used include function for including different headers as per conditions. So today I am going to show ways to use multiple headers in WordPress for different pages.

Method 1:

To call a particular header, you can create and include that file in require page, With the use of use of PHP, include() function, you can easily customize the header.

Method 2:

Other Method is to use get_header function with can create new custom header file with name header-name.php and pass name value into the get_header function as argument.

Above code will automatically include header-home.php whenever the above defined function is called.

NOTE: using same method you can easily add Custom Footer, or Sidebar too.

As you can see, it’s very simple.I hope this little tutorial helps you with how to use multiple headers in WordPress.Again if you have any questions just drop me a comment. So that’s all for now.

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