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How to manage child product with size in virtumart

How to manage child product with size

In this tutorial series, today I am going explain how you can do customization in child product drop-down display in product detail page like in below screen.

child Product list

Attributes are the features of a product like Color, Size.Products that have multiple sizes or colours you can manage that product by using child product option in VirtueMart.In the frontend, a Drop-down display for child product as attribute we assigned to a product to particular actual product.

Let’s see how you customize that drop-down box in the frontend.

Here, I am going to place “Sold Out” text instead of Price in drop-down if child product is out of stock

Let’s see the steps for same

Step 1

First of all,go to the folder and path is administrator/components/com_virtuemart/classes and next select ps_product_attribute.php file

Step 2

Next, find the below line of code into the file

Step 3

and place below code instead of this

That’s it.Now you have your own dropdown for child product in VirtueMart.

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