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How to remove Unwanted Avatar Classes in WordPress

Remove Unwanted Avatar Classes in WordPress

Nowadays, Websites are moving towards the responsive design and for responsiveness, we are using bootstrap, media queries etc.A responsive site is something that most sites will need.

In this article, I am going to share a pretty simple and useful trick which is about to remove unwanted avatar class for comments.WordPress allows you to do this in very simple and effective ways using hook concept.If you’re a WordPress developer, you have an idea about the hook and if you don’t have an idea, you can use following code provided.

Check the following code to be clear

You just need to place above code in functions.php file of your active theme.I have used above trick for one of my sites and this code was worked so sharing this code here. This code is just remove the existing class.You can add new class also if you require.

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Hope this trick will be useful to you when you want to make this type of customization.If you find any issue in this code or not work for you, write on the comment section.

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