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How To Reset Previous data of WordPress Loop

Sometimes It’s inadequate to build multiple loops in WordPress because WordPress keeps the track of loop or query data and in my WordPress application, I want different kinds of values/post in global variable post so its display different post from different category, from custom post type and etc within a single for that I must have to reset the previous query.

To destroy the previous query used in a custom loop, we need to reset WordPress loop.So to reset loop explicitly, we can use WordPress inbuilt functions.

Let’s have a look into WordPress in-built functions which are used to reset loop

How to use wp_reset_postdata() function?

wp_reset_postdata() is a wordpress inbuilt function which used to reset the global $post variable to the current post in the query.This function is included in file /wp-includes/query.php.Its has no parameter and return nothing.wp_reset_postdata() restores the value of the global variable $post used in the current page.

Example of wp_reset_postdata() after a WP_Query

As far as you can see, wp_reset_postdata() method is very simple in application. It takes no parameters and returns no values. It simply resets the data recording after an arbitrary query. You can use wp_reset_postdata, to return a query object in its initial state. Sometimes you write code after while loop and it lead to unexpected results, at that time wp_reset_postdata() is useful.

How to use wp_reset_query()?

Next is the wp_reset_query function and it resets previous the query used with custom loops. wp_reset_query is a simple function has no parameter and return nothing.wp_reset_query() function resets the global variable $post and $wp_query used in the current page. This function also have no parameters and returns no value.



Above function should be used after query_posts() and before another query_posts().This function resets the previous wp_query object.wp_reset_query() method also eliminates the previous request before continue to next task.

NOTE: wp_reset_query() function resets the both global variables $wp_query and $post whereas wp_reset_postdata() only resets the $post variable.

Thus, the wp_reset_query() function is best used after query_posts loop to relieve a variety of data after the arbitrary query.

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