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How to use jQuery UI tabs in a WordPress?

Jquery Tabs in wordpress without plugin

Before today, I was using a plugin for add jQuery UI tabs in WordPress. but today I have tried one thing to use jQuery UI tabs in WordPress without a plugin and extra JS files.

Latest WordPress 3.5 includes its own version of jQuery and many of the most common plugins. So We can develop tabbing functionality without using any plugins or extra JavaScript files.

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You do not need to package your own (especially not an older version) and instead use wp_enqueue_script() to pull in WordPress’s version.

Let’s dive into the code.

First of all, enqueue jquery core ui and ui tabs by adding action which is explained can include below code into themes functions.php file

Now, you can write the script to call your tabs see below for a code.

Next and last is to place your HTML content for tabbing format and place your content and text you want to display.

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That’s it.Now you can see your front with tabbing. you are done it without any plugin. 🙂

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Comments (3)

  1. can you suggest how to make those tabs vertical???

  2. Where to put the bellow script?

    1. You can add script in footer or create one js file and add into it and enqueue that file into load_custom_scripts function

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