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Steps To speed up Eclipse IDE

Nowadays every PHP Developer using an IDEs(Integrated Development Environments) like NetBeans, eclipse etc. I am using Eclipse PDT as IDE for PHP development.

Eclipse PHP IDE is a first free tool contain thousands of useful features.But sometimes working with Eclipse is painful because of Eclipse IDE works slowly and sometimes “DLTK indexing” start with eclipse and which takes too many times to complete.

A quick post on Eclipse PHP IDE that is to make eclipse fast with increasing the heap space of eclipse. You can easily adjust the heap memory in Eclipse PHP IDE.So Today I am going to explain how you speed up the eclipse.It is basically helpful to all eclipse users.

Lets have a look into the Steps:

STEP 1: First off, Disable Build Automatically in the Project menu.

STEP 2: Go to Eclipse installation folder

STEP 3: Open the eclipse.ini file

STEP 4: Increase the initial memory heap (-Xms40M,-Xmx128M) to other one as per below screen


STEP 5: Save the file and restart your eclipse.

NOTE: In eclipse.ini file, Xms is minimum space and Xmx is maximum space

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Comments (4)

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  2. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing that trick. It seems that the last version of Eclipse (Version: 3.0.2) is bundled with this Xms and Xmx settings

  3. Thank you. This code is very useful for us.

  4. thanks bhoomi, i learn new about PHP

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