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Notice: Use of undefined constant HTTP_IMAGE in OpenCart

Notice: Use of undefined constant HTTP_IMAGE in OpenCart

Here in this quick article, I am going to share solution of notice got in the open cart.Opencart is the free, open-source e-commerce system.OpenCart is robust and lightweight shopping cart system which is easy to install and use.

Today I have download latest version of opencart and install it.Then i have changed theme of opencart and after then run frontend.I got below error:

After searching in Google, I got that HTTP_IMAGE constant has been fully removed from the latest version of Opencart.

Well, to solve above issue ,I have opened config.php file and added below line of code into it.

Keep in Mind If you are using wamp server and above solution not works, you need to pass folder name too.because $_SERVER[‘HTTP_HOST’],only take localhost.

Hope this post will helpful for you, waiting for your responses.

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  1. Thanks…
    But I used as
    define(‘HTTP_IMAGE’, ‘image/’);

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