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How to modify before or after send mail Contact Form 7

Customize Contact Form 7 in Wordpress

Contact Form 7 is the most used form generator plugin to set dynamic form in WordPress.As you know, Contact Form 7 is a plugin and same like other plugin, we need to customize it as per requirement.

So let’s see how to configure action hooks in Contact Form 7 before or after send mail.

To implement custom functionality in the Contact Form 7 plugin for WordPress.You can use any method from the below methods:

Method 1: Action before send Mail:

This action hook is useful to customize form or form value before sending the mail using a plugin.

In action hooks, we are passing an array that includes the form title and an array of submitted data.

Method 2: Action after sent Mail:

This action hook is used to add your custom code after mail sent to the user.

Keep in Mind You need to add code to your WordPress theme functions.php file.

That’s it. you can use any of above method as per your requirement and upgrade your plugin. your code will not be lost.

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  1. awesome tutorial !!

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