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Selecting the Right WordPress Theme: Do’s and Don’ts


Almost every day new attractive WordPress themes have been launched that allows you to give your site fresh makeover. But too much of theme options can confuse you while decision making, and there are more chances of you going for quick buying and thus making a wrong theme choice for your website or project. So if you want to find the right theme for your next assignment and filter out those themes that unnecessarily woo your attention, then you can take some guide that will save your time and energy, and your task will also be managed excellently with better outcome.

Among thousands of free and premium themes available on Google, we’ve helped you with few effective tips while selecting the right WordPress theme, also including few don’t you should ignore.

Do’s while selecting the right WordPress Themes

  1. Keep track of your desired significant features

You can make a list of major important features and look for a theme which meets up as many essentials as possible like responsiveness, SEO friendly etc. For the regular WordPress user, the WP admin panel permits you to categorize by particular features available. On the WordPress dashboard, you move to Appearance>Themes>Install Themes; here you will come across a Feature filter box where you can find a perfect theme based on specific features- colors, columns, width and features.

  1. Navigation

Site navigation plays a very important part on a WordPress website. You may require having a very easy navigation with few specific options for your visitors. If you are not interested in learning about the PHP, then including navigation can be tough yet delicate thing. So you should ensure that your theme should have what you actually require before you start installing.

  1. Recognize your website’s purpose

The StudioPress website executes its job superbly in making clear what types of sites their themes are better for which will assist you in taking the right selection. For example, if your prime goal of your website is to accumulate email addresses for prospective promotions, then you may apply a theme such as StudioPress’s Generate theme.

  1. Website width, layout and spacing

There are few appealing themes that would let you modify the width, layout and spacing of your theme or distinct segments of the website in the control panel. If you make out that you need a feature or application which is moderately wide, you should select a particular theme which has banner space available, such as the News theme.

  1. Responsive theme a must

When sighted on smartphones, the responsive themes should adjust steadily and exhibit constructively. While viewing a website over your mobile device, you can see that everything including content exhibits properly in one column. If WordPress is used by you, the best way to make sure that your website is compulsorily a mobile-friendly is by applying a theme which has to be responsively coded.

  1. Free or paid

Whether you want to go with a free or premium theme depends completely on your budget. You can look out for some free themes from trustworthy sources such as As free themes have hardly any support, it may be compatible or it may not be when the WordPress next theme release will be accessible. While buying a premium WordPress theme, you are acquiring an approach towards the template files as well as access the current updates and product support. The support level will be level with free theme as you would be less impressed. Premium themes are worth buying and remarkable too.

Don’ts while selecting the WordPress Themes

  • You should evade bloated themes that are bunched with all the trendiest whistles and balls.
  • You should never have your theme options overloaded. You don’t require one million distinct theme options.
  • While selecting a WordPress theme, never treat it just as a mere design product.
  • You should avoid red flags when it approaches to picking up the right theme for a specific project.
  • Your theme should not be prepared in line somewhere in the markup or else in the head of the document as it will lead to customization issues.

Therefore, the above important do’s and don’t tips will certainly help you choose the unique WordPress theme for your site. So start implementing them and you may come across the best theme for your WordPress site!

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