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Solution: Map moves when we drag the marker in touchscreen

Solution: Map moves when we drag the marker in touchscreen

From the few days, I am working with the google map.Google map is a very popular feature on most websites and I want to implement draggable marker feature in Google Map. you can set marker as draggable by setting draggable parameter as true into marker variable.

The following code will allow to provide drag option to google map.

Today I found an issue is when I drag the Marker, the map also starts dragging only for touchscreen devices like was working fine with chrome but not in other browsers.

so i got the pretty simple solution for that issue as follows:

That’s it.check your map into the touchscreen devices.

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  1. Of course!!! How come I didnt think that!!! Thanks Bhumi you solution was simple , elegant and 100% useful… :).

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