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To grab content from nested tags in PHP

To grab content from nested tags in PHP

Recently I am working with the scraping of data from external URL and for scraping we always need to use a preg_match function to get matched data.

I want to fetch all “div” tags and their respective content and nested div’s through PHP function and I have used preg_match, but it’s creating an issue.
For example, I have syntax for HTML tags something like below

In from above code, I want to get everything within the div class=’xyz’ but preg_match function going to stop executing after getting the first tag.

So, I have used DOMDocumen for fetching all nested divs value within div class=’xyz’ using the nodeValue element of DOMDocument but it is not returning HTML tags within the div tag.

Here, I am going to explain how I solve above issue when try to fetch multiple nested divs in PHP so let’s see the code.

That’s it. you just need to change URL or code require to display.

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  1. Nice Tutorial…keep up the good work
    Thanks For Sharing….i m gonna try this

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