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How to Fix Category Pagination in WordPress

Nowadays I am working on one site which is in WordPress and site will have multiple posts from the single category and per page maximum 10 posts will be displayed. If post within a category is more than 10, pagination comes.

so for that I have created one function wph_pagination which is working fine for other sites but it is not working here.

Pagination links are coming but when I am clicking the link, I will get “404 page not found ” error or same content will be displayed on all the page links.

Lets have a look into the code i have written:

Here I have called query_post function because I want to get multiple posts from the specific category.

I have just added one line which I forgot to add before query_posts and because of it pagination was not working.
After adding following line of code, pagination working fine.

so Lets check what changes I have done :

That’s it.

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