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How to import terms from csv in wordpress?

To import terms from csv in wordpress

WordPress is the most popular CMS and with WordPress building a website is very quick and easy. Today I am going to explain about to import terms like (categories, tags, or terms of custom taxonomy) from CSV into WordPress.

Here, I am going to explain code step by step:

First of all, create one file into root folder where you have stored WordPress or you can create into your theme folder. If you create file into theme, you need to change $base_dir value variable.

Next,we will calls csv_to_array function which get data from csv file and convert the data to array. After receiving it as array,calling a function flatter_array converted multidimensional array to single dimension array.

Now, foreach loop to insert one by one data as term into WordPress.

That’s it place above code into the file, your CSV file and replace with your desired taxonomy in wp_insert_term function.

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