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New Features in MySQL 5.6

If you are using MySQL, You have to know about new features in next version of MySQL and the next version of MySQL has been made available for testing and feedback and changes are focused on better scalability, High performance and Improved flexibility.

Let’s get some quick idea about top 5 New features of Mysql 5.6.

Here is the list of top 5 features that you will get in MySQL 5.6.

Improved Optimizer

The MySQL Optimizer team has done a great job for implementing improvements so query execution more efficient in 5.6 that is index condition pushdown and multi-range reads.Index condition pushdown means that processing of WHERE clauses are moved to the storage engine, so its reduce the overhead and Multi-range Reads mean that when a query makes use of a secondary index, the disk blocks are sorted.

InnoDB improvements

The MySQL InnoDB team have been doing some awesome things with InnoDB in 5.6 because InnoDB now provides “No-SQL” access to your InnoDB data via new New Memcached API to InnoDB tables.

New NoSQL with memcached APIs

We can say it’s a major addition that Mysql provides NO-SQL Interface.To increase a performance of web-based services has generated NoSQL access methods to MySQL providing the fast performance for simple queries.With the use of the Memcached API, web services can now directly access the InnoDB storage engine.

Better Replication

The MySQL entire Replication team had got users review and implemented some of the most enabling features because replication is the feature can enhance the data integrity and availability with performance.

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Performance Schema

The Performance Schema that was created in 5.5 has been improved in 5.6 with some new functionality like Table Locks, Table I/Os, Table Lock Wait.

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