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Top 10+ WordPress Advertising Plugins for Blogs


After creating your website successfully; putting appealing, productive and efficient contents on them becomes your first important task along with adding attractive images. Well after spending money and time on building that site, you would also anticipate positive result or think of earning some money from your site. Now you can have a sign of relief by exhibiting advertisements on your website, and this earning basically relies on the quality and type of Ad. Here the WordPress Ad management plugins (free and premium) assist in maximizes the earning from the site in a small amount of time.

Few of the impressive plugins can support you show ads, deal with them, and sell ad space from your website only. We’ve listed here 15 best WordPress Advertising plugins for the WP-based websites that will be useful in uploading ads on your site quickly.

  1. AdRotate


You can take the help of the user-friendly dashboard of AdRotate to speedily edit, delete, renew or preview the banner code. This Ad plugin provides updates at the time when new features pour in, sends alerts, and even exhibits the Ad status through the graphing process.

  1. BuySellAds


You can use the ‘BSA Ad Code’ effortlessly in your site, which even covers BSA Widgets as well as RSS/mobile Ads along with the code. For making use of this plugin, you should have your username and also the password for signing as the manager on BuySellAds site. The publishers can take the assistance of widget in WordPress for uploading an Ad.

  1. WP125


Known to be a free WordPress Ad plugin, WP125 offers an easy interface that helps you to administer 125*125 ads on
your site. You can include unlimited ads in distinct columns and also place them in random or manual order. You can even run those Ads on particular days after setting the number of days.

  1. OpenX


This WP Ad plugin is simple to use as it offers easy techniques for positioning the ads from OpenX AdServer site. It completes entirely with WP4.0.



This plugin is perfect for the beginners in directing the Ads of the site. It can even manage the privacy policy, track scripts, RSS feeds, Google analytics account, term and conditions of the site, edit themes, and reorder WP pages via drag and drop interface. With the help of this plugin, you can even add different contents to your site.

  1. OIO Publisher

OIO Publisher

This is mainly a tool that implements as WP based sites, and affords computerized sales, and even helps you to easily sell advertisements on the site applying management script and PHP so that the revenue can increase gradually. The OIO Publisher offers free updates and deals with the Ads of your site in small time. The installation process can be easy as it is user-friendly too.

  1. AdPress

It is an entire WordPress based ad plugin that directs Ads (involving flash, image and text) of your site. This plugin also offers easy and uncomplicated interface for completely computerizing the sales procedure. It even gives option for previewing advertisement and also offers straight login link to the advertisers for viewing how ads appear before upload on sites.

  1. AdSanity

You can simply utilize the AdSanity plugin that is WP banner management plugin, as it offers user-friendly interface to handle the ads effortlessly on your website. It includes shortcode features and widgets that are useful in exhibiting ads on the posts, pages and sidebars. You can arrange the timing for exhibiting the ad on the site. idgets that are useful in exhibiting ads on the posts, pages and sidebars. ly interface

  1. WP Adcenter

WP Adcenter

This WordPress Ad plugin has the ability to administer any type of Ad and maintains a specific record of all the work that is executed. Besides this, widget, shortcode or theme files are useful; in inserting and rotating numerous banners wherever on the website. With the help of this plugin, you can craft unlimited campaigns, and can also make the setting of the date commence and end the campaigns manually.

  1. Banner Manager Pro

Banner Manager Pro
Banner Manger Pro ad plugin is a superb solution for handling ads and banners on your website, and also sell these ads straightaway to advertisers, and further mechanize the processes. Its features include distinct payment accesses [PayPal, Skrill, and]; selling ad space to the advertisers; add ads using HTML, short-code or PHP; 8 pre-set banner sizes; simple to use; admin options for administering ad sales to the advertisers; and arranging advertiser sign up page along with shortcode.

  1. WP Header Bar

WP Header Bar

It is entirely responsive. You can even include an opt-form towards your header bar, and also follow and social share buttons. You can select # of days, # of visits, and other settings. The other features cover page level targeting; completely customizable; A/B split testing; supporting social follow buttons; supporting social share buttons; supporting custom HTML and CSS; and supporting mail list providers involving Office Auto Pilot, Get Response, Aweber, etc.

  1. Simple Ads Manger

Simple Ads Manger

You can simply exhibit ads with the help of this ad, and select wherever you like to become visible on your website. You can even pick your individual pages as per your requirement for making your ads aim in an excellent way. You would also acquire ample options menu, and afterwards select to yield your ad as a shortcode that helps you position it wherever you want. Features cover alter ad weighting; selecting your default ad; selecting where to exhibit ads; Google DoubleClick support; and shortcode and widget support.

  1. Nice Notifications

Nice Notifications
Nice Notifications Ad plugin doesn’t let you to sell ads or add ads in distinct pages. Rather you are permitted to insert a sticky kind of notification bar which will attach to the top of your readers’ browser while scrolling down the web page. Its’ interesting features involve support for animations; fully responsive; add bars to the top and footer bars; and fully customizable.

  1. CTR Enhancer for WordPress

CTR Enhancer for WordPress
This ad plugin is immensely helpful for exhibiting ads in your WP website. It is experimented with many referral programs involving Envato and Adsense referral programs. This plugin approaches with appealing options covering vertical offset, mask color, and top bar customization.

Therefore, the above WP Advertising plugins will certainly help you in displaying ads on your site and benefit you in a great way.

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